CC Outtake: Stutz At The Car Wash (And In Real Life)

Stutz car wash

Paul’s recent re-post of the Stutz Design History two weeks ago prompted me to remember where I had last seen one – of all places on a wall beside a car wash!  It is located on one of the main thoroughfares in inner Melbourne, but I wonder how many people driving past would recognize the car?

1970s Stutz

It is possible that some may have seen a Stutz Blackhawk in real life, as I came across one at an American car show. I did think that perhaps there could be a connection between the two, but the colour does not match. Is there a particular significance to the black and silver two-tone do you think?

Stutz Blackhawk interior

The interior is very well-preserved, although it seems that despite the array of gauges provided from the factory the owner has found it necessary to add a couple extra (seen just below the steering column).

Stutz Blackhawk rear

As a car it is slightly ridiculous, but as an outrageous rolling showpiece – spot on!  As an aside, check out those amazing cross-ply tires with the huge bulging sidewalls, the antithesis of the modern “stretched” trend.

1916 Stutz Bearcat

While it is probably not the only one in the country, I expect that “real” Stutzes outnumber Virgil Exener’s neo-classical versions.


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