Cohort Outtake: Do Peugeot 404s Inspire Religious Fervor?

Peugeot 404 10 side

There’s something about Peugeot 404s that bring out fervor, even the religious kind. Finding a 404 on the street in Eugene was the peak experience for me so far, and I called it the “Holy Grail”. I collected 404s at one time with a religious zeal, and my write-up on the 404 wagons was the equivalent of a Psalm.  But there’s others out there for whom the 404 has become a genuine religious vessel, or even a veritable rolling temple. This one shot by Itzik Cohen and posted by T.Minor actually has the temple of Jerusalem on its roof, along with a lot of other religious symbology. Maybe there’s something intrinsically sacred in the numbers “404”? 

Peugeot 404 10 top

I’m not well versed in Judaism, so maybe others can fill us in on all of the details of this 404 rolling temple. And it’s not just the religious aspects; this 404 is also covered in wood from sill to roof, as well as the interior.

Peugeot 404 10 int

Click on this image and take a good look; a whole lot of fervor went into paneling and decorating this. Even the seat upholstery has a wood pattern. According to a comment left at the Cohort, those are the Kabbalah holy men on the dash. Is that a tap for holy water?

Peugeot 404 10 ff

And the Ten Commandments are on the hood. Thou shalt not speed. Thou shalt not run red lights. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors 404…
Peugeot 404 10 rq

I still get pangs of regret for not buying that white 404 I found, which turned out to be for sale. Oh well; my version of wearing the hair shirt. Will that reduce my time in Peugeotrory?


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