Cohort Outtake: The Purple Fargo Van

Fargo van ff

After our fake Fargo pickup the other day and the Dodge B-series vans yesterday, how about we combine them for this splendid find by nifticus, a genuine Fargo A108 van, spotted in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

Fargo van side

Here it is in its full splendor. This is of course the 108″ extended wheelbase version of Dodge’s A-series vans, sold as a Fargo in Canada, which made for a better ride and weight distribution. Yes, increasing the wheelbase and corresponding length of a vehicle invariably improves any intrinsic shortcoming in that area, and the 90″ wheelbase Dodges had plenty of that, as I know from personal experience.

Fargo van int

Why didn’t I paint my Dodge purple? This sure looks familiar, except for that nice moderns seat. That has to be a major improvement over the very basic seats in these. The dash-mounted shifter for the Torqueflite is visible just behind that ‘spoiler’; a padded bar added in 1968 or 1969, to slightly improve the abysmal passive safety of these vans.

Fargo van rq

The twin exhausts strongly suggest this is a V8-powered A108, with a 318 LA stuffed between the front seats. Given the light weight and light rear axle loading of these, the benefits of the longer wheelbase and better weight distribution were particularly advantageous with the V8.