CC For Sale: 1977 Jeep DJ-5 Dispatcher – Ready For More Abuse

CC 279 043 1200

I’m not sure it’s still for sale, but a couple of months back I stumbled into this veteran Jeep DJ5 Dispatcher not far from my house. I bet it’s got a few miles under its belt.

CC 279 045 1200

$1500, OBO. With new tires and a rebuilt transmission; what a deal.

CC 279 049 1200

And with right hand drive, of course. Maybe someone from the UK is interested? Roger? I bet there’s no others over there.

CC 279 047 1200

It’s still got the US Mail signs on it; presumably it was used by a contract carrier after its days with the USPS were over. Robert Kim wrote one up that was still hauling the mail a few years back.  And I saw one about a year ago still at it too. These things are hard to kill.

CC 279 044 1200

This has the longer, protruding nose, which indicates that an AMC six is under the hood. The ones from the Kaiser Jeep era had the old F-head four. Simple and rugged; these are about as an ideal long-life vehicle as it gets. But who would want to drive one, except for the purpose intended for it?