Cohort Outtake: Vintage Autocar Hauling Vintage Car

Autocar hauler

I couldn’t exactly pass by this dramatic shot posted at the Cohort by Stacy Young. This photographer does “enhance” her photographs digitally, but looking at the truck, it does seem to be quite genuine, and if not actually on the go, certainly capable of it. Those non-original big rear view mirrors are one tell-tale. And the wind/rain curtain in the cab is another. The front wheel and tire looks to be more modern too. If I had to guess, this is someone’s “resto-mod” vintage Autocar, quite likely with a modern drive train so as to be usable on  modern roads, as trucks from this vintage rarely exceeded 25-35 mph.

If anyone knows more about it, fill us in. In the meantime, I’ll just let my imagination carry me away.