Perry Curtis Oldsmobiles Outtakes: We Are Feeling Old

Olds 1973 442 CP

When I posted that rusting ’67 Cutlass yesterday, I failed to notice that Curtis Perry had three more in a series of Olds junkers. This one, shot in Pendelton, OR, not only features a rather rare 1973 442, but a whole lot of other interesting machines. Right behind it is a Kaiser Henry J (unless it’s an Allstate), and behind it is a lwb Chevy C30 panel van converted into a passenger-hauler, with a high top roof and windows. And of course, there’s more. (click on image for maximum size).

Olds 1955 super 88 CP

This 1955 Super 88 is taking its  well-deserved retirement in Goldfield, Nevada.

Olds 1954 88  CP

Also in Goldfield sits this 1954 88. At the rate it’s aging in this dry desert air, it’s going to have a very long retirement. And the nearest scrapper is probably so far away it doesn’t pay to haul it there.