Cohort Outtakes: Teddy Visits Eugene

I took my daily visit to the Cohort, and I was instantly greeted with a bunch of very familiar cars and scenery. CC reader Teddy, who lives in Portland and posts his many great finds there at the Cohort, obviously paid Eugene a visit. And according to the “date shot”, that was today (5/7). You should have dropped me a line and dropped by! I’m always glad to meet one of our stalwart readers and Cohort.

I’m sure you all remember this poor little Rambler American. I’ve come to reconcile myself with it; it’s certainly not drab.


This pink bus I’m actually not familiar with. Or maybe it’s a recent paint job, as the bus does look like one I’ve seen around.



A little slice of Eugene’s colorful Whitaker neighborhood.



Not exactly exotic but then not so common anymore either.



Speaking of common, Teddy had to shoot at least one example of the official CC of Eugene.


I know this F100; it’s a particularly clean and well kept one. Undoubtedly, it was someone’s pampered pet until the current owners got it, and now it’s being used like it was meant to be used.



The official taxi cab of Eugene. I keep wondering when the last one will finally disappear. At one time, like a dozen or 15 years ago, this company was 100% Previas, all bought used. But now there’s maybe two or three left.



I know this bus.



Bicyclist, old Camry, and Toyota pickup. it doesn’t get more Eugene than this.


Or maybe it does. For some reason, Caravans are particularly common canvases for the car painters of Eugene.

Nice collection, Teddy. And if you’re still in town, drop by CC World headquarters at Niedermeyer Tower. I’m on the 58th floor. And I’ll make sure the guard lets you in.