CC Outtake: What’s That Hiding in the Snow Back There?

This is a couple of months old, taken during our unusual snow storm this winter (we seem to be having more in  recent years). I’d never noticed this little blue car down there before; maybe it stood out more in the white snow. You know what it is, don’t you? It’s car we’ve never covered properly here, despite its historical significance.

It’s a Datsun PL 410/411 wagon, Datsun’s first popular car sold in the US, and predecessor to the legendary 510. Built from 1963-1967, it developed a rep for being a bit sportier than average, thanks to its small size, light weight and perky 1595 cc four, in the higher trim levels. Well, one of these days, we’ll have to go and knock on their door and get some proper shots to go along with the sedan I shot some years back.