Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Winnie Wagon And Another Vintage Dodge Motorhome – Winnebago’s Trans Van Imitator

The Trans Van was a new variation of the theme of van-based motor homes, and became something of an icon. A bit odd, as it had a low roof, so standing up was not in the program. Maybe that was the key to its success: it appealed to younger buyers who saw it as cooler precisely for that reason. It was more of a party wagon than a genuinely functional camper. But its success sired imitators, including the Winnie Wagon by the dominant force in the industry, Winnebago. And it seems like this one may well have a pop-up roof, which the Trans Van did not have.

I haven’t seen one in ages, but William Ryan found one, and posted it to the Cohort. And it’s next to another similar vintage Dodge cutaway chassis motor home, but I’m not able to identify it.

Winnebago gave the Dodge its own custom grille. The other rig is a very nice looking one, something a bit bigger than the class-dominant Chinook. Actually both of them are in great shape; undoubtedly in the hands of someone who admires them. Given that RVs are commonly stored under a roof, and often accumulate very low mileages, it’s not surprising that they appeal to collectors, a growing segment of those that appreciate fine 1970’s artifacts, and ones that can be quite useful yet too.

The rear entry on the Winnie Wagon is on display here, and it’s a format I personally favor for some applications, including my own Promaster van build. It’s not ideal for towing, though, although one can work around it.


CC Dodge Trans Van

CC Chevrolet Trans Van