Cohort Pic(k) of the Day #1: 1958 Lincoln – What Were They Thinking?

We’ve paid tribute to the ’58 – ’60 Lincoln (and Continental) before, but I just couldn’t get past this ’58 posted at the Cohort by Dean Edwards without stopping…in horror. Ok, enough hyperbole. But this was such a mess, most of all the front end. It’s like every cliche was thrown in a blender: stacked and angled headlights, bladed bumpers, concave front wheel/fender whatchamacallits, Dagmars, etc.. Well, they weren’t actually cliches yet in 1958, just styling affectations. But how many can fit on one car?

Here’s a better look at the Leviathan. They manage to make a ’59 Cadillac look pretty clean and almost compact.

Here’s a CC on a ’58, written by Carmine, no less