Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1960 Ford F250 Crew Cab With An International Bed – Stock or Added Later?

I’ve been sitting on this shot from the Cohort for some time, and didn’t write down who posted it, so I can’t credit it. But what caught my eye was that its bed is from an International. Which begs the question: did it come that way originally, or was it added later?

It’s easy to assume it was the latter, but I’m inclined to think not, as these crew cabs back then were all built outside of the factory by coach builders (except for International), and it wouldn’t surprise me if one of those various shops used the extra-short International bed as used on the Travelette. But there’s a little problem with that too…

Looking at this Travelette that I shot and posted here, I see that the International’s bed is a bit longer in front of the wheels than used on that Ford. I don’t think that’s just the camera angle either. But then these companies that made these crew cab conversions were adept at making whatever changes the fleet buyer wanted. If you Google for one of these pre-factory crew cabs, you’ll see some variations on the cabs and beds.

Actually, these all look to have the same basic cab, except for the window on the yellow one. And these are all long beds, so the stock Ford bed fit. I believe these were all made by Armbruster.

But looking at the featured one, it’s clear that the cab is different, in that the rear door and window go straight up, and there’s no vent in the window. So it appears that this one was made by a different company, and they apparently adapted an International bed for the job.