CC For Sale: “Calling All Car [Nuts]! A Second 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Has Been Spotted!”

This is an important bulletin!  FLASH!  After not seeing a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere in who knows how long, this investigator has now spotted a SECOND one on eBay in addition to the one reported to you on December the 3rd, 2020.  The so-called “CC Effect” has struck again!  Please stay tuned to this frequency for more details . . .

Yes, I’m making a big deal out of this because just when I thought that nearly all of these ephemeral ’57 Plymouth sedans had vanished from the scene decades ago, this one appears, located in The Villages, Florida.  And it’s in such splendid condition too!

The listing claims this is a total restoration, with over $67,000 invested, including $12,000 in chrome!  Starting bid is $49,800.

Imagine trying to explain to this guy that the creampuff ’57 Plymouth he has on his lot would be worth $49,000 in the year 2021 A.D.!


This car is done up like the red and white ’58 Belvedere hardtop in the 1978 movie Christine (note the license plate)I’m not sure these are the car’s original colors, but I think it looks dynamite!

Check out this cockpit.  Lots of gold and chrome–pure jazz!

In fact, I never knew how upscale these Belvederes were, what with that gold mylar trim and patterned fabric–everything color coordinated!  It looks so, dare I say, well made!  Such a shame so few are still with us.

Note to insiders: I have not been able to find any ’57 Plymouth existing today that has the open grille slots as seen in this ad. If you find one, please contact this station immediately!


Well, you might have to be a millionaire today to plunk down ~$50,000 in cash to own this mint ’57 Plymouth . . . and still meet your other financial obligations like mortgage payments, health insurance, property taxes, food . . . all that pesky stuff.   But hey, hard assets might be a good investment right now . . .