Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1963 Comet – And You Thought The Falcon Was Slow?

This fine color-coordinated shot of a ’63 Mercury Comet by Don Kincl reminds me that it was even slower than the Falcon, if that’s possible. The Comet shared its basic underpinnings, including the 90 hp 144 CID six that was standard through 1963. But the Comet’s body was lengthened, with a wheelbase stretch to 114″, and and further elongated trunk. As a result, a comperably equipped Comet weighed some 140 lbs more. Not a huge amount, but it sure didn’t help, most especially when teamed with the 2-speed Fordomatic.

Why the bigger and more upscale Comet didn’t have the 170 inch six standard starting in 1961, when it became available, is good question. It’s not that it cost Ford anymore to make. Presumably charging many Comet buyers for the optional engine was the motive.


CC 1960 Comet