The Changing Shape Of Cadillacs: 1959 DeVille and 2020 Escalade ESV – Same Wheelbase, Length and Width

Chris Cieslak and I are continuing on our collaboration on the changing shape of cars. Today’s subject is the big Cadillac. What a curious coincidence that both the 1959 Cadillac and the current Escalade ESC have the same 130″ wheelbase, 225/224″ length, and 80/81″ width. The only significant difference is in their height.

And just how much difference is there in their height? Twenty inches (54.3″ vs. 74″). And in their interior space? I don’t have a handy answer, but let’s just say a lot more than just the extra headroom. No wonder the Escalade and its siblings have become the VIP transport of choice.