Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 – Jim Cavanaugh’s Alter-COAL

When I saw this ’66 Galaxie 500 at the Cohort (shot by William Garrett) I figured it would make a nice complement to Jim’s ’66 Plymouth Fury COAL today. FWIW, I think it’s safe to assume that this might well have been Jim’s, if he had stumbled into it instead of that Fury. Jim vacillated between Fords and Mopars, and his deep childhood associations with a ’66 Country squire might have tugged hard at him. As would the fact that this has his preferred 390 V8.


Yes, a 390 under the hood makes for a nice stream of torque. The badge doesn’t tell us if it’s the 275 hp 2V or the 315 hp 4V version.

I can only see one exhaust outlet, which strongly suggests the two-barrel version, the same engine Jim had and liked so much in his ’67 Galaxie 500 convertible.

Having seen Jim behind the wheel of Jason’s ’63 Galaxie, it’s easy to imagine him behind this one, but I know he’d have preferred a somewhat nicer interior. A nice panty-cloth upholstered LTD?

The front end of the ’66 wasn’t changed that much from ’65; mainly the middle section was pushed out and  forward. A very modest preview of what AMC would do with their Ambassador and Matador in the early 70s.

This closeup shows that the hood has developed quite the California sunburn. Look at all them moles and sunspots. Hopefully it’s not melanoma!

The squared-off taillights were one of the more prominent changes, along with the GM-inspired bulging hips.

Jim wouldn’t have let his car roll without nice shiny full wheel covers.

All we need now is a ’66 Impala to show up at the Cohort.