Cohort Pic(k) of the Day #2: 1966 Chevrolet Impala – What Would It Take To Get Jim Into One Of These?

The CC Effect™ is working at the Cohort. After finding the ’66 Galaxie there and posting it as an alter-COAL for Jim Cavanaugh’s Fury, I was hoping for a Chevy too. Sure enough, a  ’66 Impala showed up at the Cohort (also shot by William Garrett) a bit later, making our trifecta of the ’66 low-price big cars complete.  Now we can wallow in some good old 1966 nostalgia, and get our Mopar-Ford-Chevy guns a’blazing. Although Jim did own—and love—his ’63 Cadillac 60 Special, he’s generally not been a big fan of the General. In this Fury COAL—and in many previous posts and comments—Jim has made it clear that he’s “not a Chevy guy”. So what would it take to change his mind?

A 396-THM equipped big Chevy had a drive train that was as good as it got. Best in class, according to Popular Science’s comparison of the three. And the Chevy acquitted itself pretty decently in the ride and handling department. And there’s those curvaceous hips and vaunted GM styling. Nah; that’s not going to sway Jim…we need to find something even more compelling to get him into this Impala.

The badges have been removed from this one, most likely because it did have the rather gutless 283/PG drive train, which of course has long been ditched for something a bit more gutsy. Who knows what lurks under the hood of a Chevy these days, except that we can be pretty certain it’s a Chevy. Who ever swapped a different brand engine into a classic Chevy? Oh, I remember now; I found one one and wrote it up here, a ’68 Impala with an Olds 455 swapped in. That was a very rare exception. Might there be others?

Now how about if this Chevy had a Studebaker V8? A 290 hp R2 Supercharged 289? Hmm; nice, and maybe tempting, but just to make this irresistible, let’s step it up some more,with an ultra-rare supercharged R3 335 hp, and gobs of torque. 400 hp, with a different supercharger drive pulley. Is that enough to entice Jim into this Chevy?

Can you imagine the puzzled looks it would get at a car show? And Jim’s beaming smile when he stood there next to the open hood?