Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1967 Dodge Polara Convertible Towing 1966 Chrysler Newport – Yes, Really

This picture posted by canadiancatgreen threw me. Yes, seeing an old Polara convertible towing a Chrysler Newport is decidedly out of the ordinary. But what really threw me is that from the grille, this appears to be a 1968 Polara convertible. But where’s the mandatory side marker lights?


It took a couple of trips to Google to solve the puzzle, which in retrospect is all too obvious: it’s a ’67 with a ’68 grille. The difference isn’t all that big, but they are different.

Of course there’s the another issue (other than the towing), and that has to do with the relative rarity of a 1967 Polara convertible. For that matter any big Dodges of these years are fairly scarce, as they sold miserably. And a base Polara convertible? I would have assumed they would only come as the higher trim Polara 500, as well as the Monaco.

I assumed this was a Canadian car, as that’s where canadiancatgreen’s finds all seem to be. FWIW, the Canadian Dodge brochure does not show a Polara convertible.

The US market brochure does show it. Someone else might know if it was available in Canada, but then this might be a US car. In any case, there really was a base Polara convertible. My Encyclopedia does not break out production figures by body style for these cars, unfortunately.

Actually, it would seem that a base Polara convertible would be more likely to appeal to the thrifty Canadians back then.

Let’s move rearwards and take a look at the towing issue. When I first saw the top picture, I rather assumed the Polara was just backed up to the trailer, which has a jack stand. I even blacked out the jack stand (above) so as to try to fool all of you!

But I only fooled myself. This crop makes it convincingly clear that the trailer really is hitched to the Polara, as the safety chains are still attached. And it explains the tail-high attitude of the Polara’s rear end, since the jack was lowered, raising up the trailer tongue and the tow car. I’m convinced. Are you?

And why not? It’s not like the Polara wasn’t up to the job. Even with the base 318, it could have towed it adequately. And there might well be a 383 under the long hood.

The red Newport coupe has seen better days, like the Polara. Both seem to have lost the bottom of their rear quarter panel to rust, but otherwise the bodies don’t look too bad, at least from a safe distance.