Vintage Snapshot: Chaining Up the Greyhound MC-7 Somewhere On I-80 – Winter Is Coming

This fine picture taken somewhere along I-80 is a reminder that winter is upon us. I can see snow in the hills, at about 3000 feet. And I need to put my winter tires on the xB. Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with chains in a very long time, but we have lots of passes where the trucks are obligated to do so when there’s snow on the highways.

This is a Greyhound MC-7, the 40′ coach that replaced the Scenicruiser starting in 1968. As told in our Scenicruiser post, Greyhound was quite unhappy with them and GM, and bought Motor Coach Industries in Canada, and soon switched over to them exclusively. We’ve yet to do a proper post on the MC-7, although I did an On The Go Outtake of one some years back.

Jim Brophy did a Bus Stop Classic on the MC-6, which slightly preceded the MC-7, but only some 100 were built, as at 102″ wide, it was not permitted in most states. The MC-7 was a more conventional coach, 96″ wide, and powered by the ubiquitous DD 8-71V engine. Greyhound may have stopped buying GM buses, but not their diesel engines. More specifically, it was an anti-competitive injunction that forced GM to sell its diesels to other coach builders, opening the doors for MCI to become a serious competitor, eventually running GM out of the highway coach business, along with the Trailways Eagle.

And as a bonus, the car hauler in the background chaining up too is a big Ford. If anyone can pin down the year of its cargo, we’ll know in what year this shot was taken.