Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1971 (or 1972) Pontiac Ventura – A Nova In Disguise

What has nifticus found and posted to the Cohort? Another ratty old Nova sedan?

Why no; it’s an early Pontiac Ventura, a grill-engineered version of the Nova that arrived mid-year 1971. Small car sales were booming (think Duster, Vega and Pinto, among others), and Pontiac was missing out, big time. So they cajoled the 14th floor into letting them get their hands on the Nova, using the existing front end already being used for their Canadian Ventura. How convenient.

But for the front end, bigger tail lights and a few badges, it was 100% Chevy, engines and all. Well, in 1972, the Pontiac 350 V8 did join the engine lineup, for what it’s worth.

And of course this was just the beginning: in 1973 the Olds Omega and the Buick Apollo joined the club, and in 1975, the Cadillac Seville. Uh-oh; I shouldn’t have said that.


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