Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1981 Buick Skylark – Found In Budapest

A few years back one of our Cohort posted a Skylark he found in Austria. That was a wee bit out of the ordinary, but then the new FWD X-Bodies were very much in the international idiom, in terms of packaging and such. Now roshake 77 has found and posted one found even further east, in Budapest. Where’s the next one going to be found? Romania? Ukraine? Russia?

This one seems a bit devoid of bright work; did the base version lack the more common sill trim piece? Maybe it’s a look they’re after. There’s no good way to tell if it’s got the 2.5 L Iron Duke four or the much more nicer 2.8 L V6.

There’s a Wartburg 353 in the background, to add a bit of authenticity to the setting.

As you all undoubtedly know by now, I had a 1980 Skylark V6 with the handling package and wider wheels and tires as a company car for a couple of years. It treated me fairly well, although it did have that weird tendency for the front end to feel like it was moving sideways under strong acceleration. But for some reason I didn’t have a significant issue with the rear brakes locking up prematurely; perhaps that was better because of the optional HD components and wider wheels and tires. I do remember seeing X cars screeching in traffic with the rears locked up.

I also got mine after it was about a year or more old, so any early recalls would have already been done. But it seems to me that the Skylark was generally better put together than the much-maligned Chevy Citation, which I titled GM’s Deadliest Sin because of its very many issues and recalls due to being released on the market half-baked. Maybe Buick’s ovens were set at a higher temperature?