Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1988(?) Cadillac Six Door Sedan – There’s Someone Slumped Over In Row Two

Jerome Solberg found and posted a car that’s become quite rare on the streets anymore: a Cadillac six door sedan. This is not the factory extended wheelbase limo, like the one we had here the other day. It’s an aftermarket conversion, targeted to perhaps high-end hotel shuttle duty or just very large (and affluent) families. Wouldn’t this have been great to hop out of at elementary school?

Jerome was diligent in getting good shots of the three rows of plush velour seat, but he did run into a surprise occupant in row two.

The interior and upholstery of this long-boy look to be in excellent condition.

Row three looks equally pristine.

Here’s the occupant in row two, who looks like maybe they partied a bit too hard the night before, and never made it inside. She looks comfortable enough, though.

Looks like the top of the windshield has been leaking; it’s got several rows of duct tape.

And the top of the rear window has been crudely caulked. Is this a common problem with these Cadillacs?