Curbside Outtake: 1985(?) Subaru DL Wagon – Back When They Were Dead Reliable


The other day we had a COAL on a Forester with lots of issues. Since about 2000 or so, when the head gasket issue started, Subaru quality has become iffy, or at least inconsistent. But that didn’t use to be the case; back in the 20th century, Subarus generally had a stellar reputation, and there’s still a few from those good old days around to prove it, like this DL wagon.

It’s a FWD version, so maybe going all AWD was cause? Not likely…

It’s sitting in front of an old house that’s not yet been gentrified, am increasingly uncommon thing hereabouts. This shot might as well have been taken twenty years ago, where it not for the SUV in front of it.


A little worse for wear, but it’s still running. Eugene was a hot bed of early Subaru adopters, going back to the early ’70s.


It’s still ready, willing and able.