Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1992 Opel Monterey LTD 3.2 24V – Also Known By A Dozen Other Names

posted by Roshake77

Aha, an Isuzu Trooper, you say. Yes, in the US, that’s what it was called. But in Europe, it was the Opel Monterey (Vauxhall Monterey in the UK). But that’s not all; this SUV was sold with a total of thirteen different brands and/or names.

Can you list them all? if not, here goes:

Isuzu Trooper, AKA:

Isuzu Bighorn
Isuzu Citation
Acura SLX (North America)
Chevrolet Trooper
Holden Jackaroo
Holden Monterey (Australia)
Honda Horizon (Japan)
HSV Jackaroo
Opel Monterey
Sanjiu 3-Nine Trooper (China)
Subaru Bighorn
Vauxhall Monterey