Curbside Outtake: The Tri-Level Flatbed Toyota

It’s a bit challenging to find vehicles on the streets to shoot that we haven’t already posted before, once or more often. But every so often, thanks to Eugene being how it is, I still find something new and original, like this curious Toyota multi-level flatbed Toyota. Hmm…

I was a bit perplexed when I encountered this on a dark, wet December late afternoon. Why? Especially, why the drop in the lower part of the main bed?

I quickly came to the obvious conclusion that this once was a Toyota motorhome, stripped of its body. But it’s not quite that simple. Why the flat bed over the roof, supported by some 2x4s? That’s not how these cab-over section were once supported.

And I’ve never seen one of these with the dropped center section. In fact, it’s backwards: quite a few compact motorhomes have a dropped floor in the rear-most section, behind the rear axle, as there’s no need to clear it and the driveshaft. This rear section is riding oddly high, above the wheels, where normally there would be wheel wells in the floor.

I assume they didn’t want wheel wells and thus raised the floor, but then why not the front part? So many questions.

And in appropriate symmetry, one of the steer horns is missing.