Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1997 Toyota Toyoace 4×4 Double Cab Pickup – My Current Pick If I Should Need To Replace My F100

Some years back I wrote a post stating that the original Toyota T100 pickup was the only one worthy to replace my ’66 F100. I think I’ve found something better yet.  Robadr posted these pictures of a 1997 Toyota Toyoace 4×4 double cab truck, and this is so much better in every way, except of course for the LHD RHD. But I could get used to that.

I believe in free choice and don’t like to slag on domestic pickups, an American institution. But I have a hard time warming up to the big double cab versions; maybe it’s because I’m not a native-born American? Am I at risk of having my citizenship revoked and sent back to where I came from, because I don’t love really big American pickups?

I don’t have dimensions for the Toyoace at hand to make an accurate to-scale composition shot, but this is close enough for me. It shows the issue quite graphically, and there’s not much more to say, except that I need to maneuver into a lot of small alley house lots and driveways, and something like the Chevy on top just isn’t going to cut it. It’s just not space-efficient. Which is not generally an American concern, but it is mine.

I like sitting up front; reminds me of driving fishbowl buses and my old Dodge A100 van. My current ProMaster has a bit of hood, but nothing like the big pickups.

And look at that interior! The Japanese are so immaculately clean. Can you imagine what the typical 1997 fleet/commercial American truck cab looks like? It really makes the idea of buying a truck or car from Japan that much more palatable.

And this one has an automatic! I don’t know about that, but it wouldn’t really bother me either. I’m sure sticks are available, although automatics are extremely popular in Japan, and have been for many years. Spend a day in Tokyo traffic and you’ll understand why.

These Toyoaces came with a wide variety of engines; two gas fours, a 2.0 and 2.7; I assume the latter is the same one that came in that T100 pickup. I’d be happy with that. But I could also be very happy with one of the legendarily-rugged Toyota diesel fours that were on tap too.

And 4WD too! Perfect for a bit of off-road explorations that my ProMaster isn’t quite up to. Maybe build a little minimal camper shell for it? But it’s perfect for the kind of hauling I do. Just in the last few days my truck has been hard at work hauling dirt, gravel, bark and other materials for some landscaping projects. Now if it had a dumping bed, that would really be dope. The fact that the sides drop down and it’s got a totally flat floor alone is a big improvement.

Looks like this truck has seen some actual work, based on the dents in the bed.

I know I indulge in a lot of MM’ing here at CC (that’s kind of what it’s all about, actually), but I am seriously warming up to the idea of my next vehicle being a 25 year (or older) import from Japan. I’m seeing a huge increase in their numbers here, mostly 4×4 vans, and they invariably look to be in remarkably good condition.

It’s certainly tall and boxy, and it’s bound to be white. It’s meant to be…



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