Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Chevrolet Chevette – Viva Brazil, and Other Parts of South America

Chevette in Salvador (Bahia) Brazil, posted by Rivera Notario


The Chevette was born in Brazil, where it first started out as a two-door sedan in 1973. It found its way to the US in 1976, and lasted all the way through MY 1987. Built and/or assembled in several South American countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela along with Brazil, its life there was considerably longer. It finally ended in 1994 in Brazil, 1996 in Ecuador, and all the way to 1998 in Columbia.

But it did get a bit of a refresh down there, along the way.

Here’s how it looked in GMC Chevette guise in Argentina, in the later years of its life there.

The Marajo, the station wagon version, made it through only 1989.

The Chevy 500 was the utility/pickup of the line, which was built until 1994 in Brazil, the last version of the family to be built there.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive look at the Chevette family tree; just a quick reminder that it had lots of relatives in South America.