Curbside Outtake: 1967 Dodge Polara Station Wagon – Listing To Starboard

As we walked by this big barge of a Polara wagon listing to the right, I had to stop and check out to make sure it wasn’t in danger of rolling over. What’s the problem, big guy?

A jack, obviously. This is on the premises of Joe’s garage, so that’s not an unreasonable thing to happen there.

I didn’t raise the hood, so we can presume it’s most likely the standard two-barrel 383 V8. Somewhat curiously, there was a “Polara 318” model that came with the new LA 318, and no other engine were available, not surprisingly. The brochure does not clarify whether that was available as a wagon too, but this is a very basic Polara, without brightwork on the window surrounds.

The ’67 Polara’s front end came to mind a week or so ago, when T87 shared this 1978 Nissan Gloria with us. It came out in 1975, eight years after the ’67 Polara .Not exactly a dead ringer, but there’s definitely some similarities.

This one has been spending a bit of time in the fresh air. And now its owner took it to Joe’s to presumably get it sorted out again.

Chrysler’s Split-O-Matic vinyl seats are on full display, and its innards too. The dash on these has lost most of its brightwork, thanks to new safety regulations that mandated a reduction in glare-inducing elements there. That and soft touch buttons.

More of the same on the back seat. These big wagons were the domain of those decreasing numbers of families that still numbered on the larger than average side. There’s room here for at least half a dozen.

I failed to look in the way back, to see whether it sported a third seat or not. Seems a bit of a waste of all that endless area to not have one.


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