Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Suzuki Swift Lost Among The Big Cars Of Today

Roshake 77 came across this poor little SuzukiSwift (Chevrolet Sprint in the US) looking a bit lost among the much bigger contemporary cars of today’s Budapest.

It’s identified as a “Swift 1.0”. The question in my mind is whether that was the version with the 970 cc F-Series Suzuki four or the 993 cc G-Series triple.

I’m not so familiar with the versions exported to Europe, but I assume this is a pre-facelift (1983-1985) version, although it doe not have the flush mounted headlights of some of those. Seems like they came both ways.

I still see one of the gen1 Sprints occasionally, but they were quite common here a few years back. We’ve got a number of them in the archives, but the most comprehensive one is my CC on a turbo version. A veritable pocket rocket.