Vintage Ad of the Day: “New GIANT 4-Wheel Drive Jeep Truck” – FC-170, The Forerunner Of Isuzu Compact Cabovers

I’ve never seen an FC-170 with duals on the rear and a flatbed. It looks so much like a proto-Isuzu cabover, or other similar modern trucks. Of course compact cabover trucks have been around for ages in Europe and Asia, where space is a premium. But in the wide-open USA, that was not the case in the fifties or sixties.

This one is rated to haul a 5,200 lb payload, and on a mere 103″. A miniature giant indeed.

Here’s another one. The FC-170 was the longer wheelbase variant of the family, with wider tread and other genuine truck features compared to the FC-150, which was basically a CJ3 with the forward control cab.

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