Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Izh 412 & VAZ 21011 – More Commonly Know As Moskvitch and Lada

RJ found these two Russian veterans resting peacefully in the sun in Kaunas, Lithuania. The represent the two most common mainline sedans in the USSR, spanning from 1964 (Moskvitch 408) to 2006 (VAZ-2106). The Moskvitch was home-bred, and T87 did a full write-up on them here.

As to the Lada, we’ve never done a comprehensive write-up on it, but have covered it tangentially several time. Links after the jump.

Here’s a great post by Eric703 on How the Lada Was Almost Sold In The US

And Here’s a Vintage R&T Review of a Lada 1500, Which They Noted That It “Was Soon To Be Imported To The US”