Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Jeep FC-150 – The Anti-Modern Pickup

shot and posted by JM Solberg

If one didn’t know better—and probably many don’t—it would be very easy to assume that this is one of those 25+ year-old Japanese imports that are washing over our shores out here. But of course it’s not; it’s a Jeep FC-150, and at 147.5 inches, it’s the shortest production pickup sold here ever except for the Crosley (137″). The wheelbase is 81″ long, the same as the original Jeep CJ, for obvious reasons: this is a CJ with a cab-over-engine body and a pickup bed.

Is that cute or what? Looks like it could be from East Germany or Poland too.  Power was provided by a 75 hp F-head four. I met a guy in the Rockies in 1973 that lengthened the frame rails some and swapped in a Chevy 265 V8. It was a hoot to ride in, if you felt immortal bucking around the rough trails up there.

I’ve had a soft spot for one ever since. I’m trying to remember just how hard its ride is; I was a lot younger then.


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