Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Mitsubishi Colt – Good To Know There’s One Still In Russia Because There’s None Here

It makes me a bit sad to not see this generation of Colts around anymore, as it was a car that always elicited a positive response from. That was on account of its perky styling as well as its innate goodness, both qualities it had in abundance. I will admit that the shorter two door hatch was cuter; this four door that arrived a few years (in 1982) after the two door did, and sat on a longer wheelbase and had a bigger C pillar, which made it look more like a generic Golf-mobil.

Stanislav Alexeyev shot and posted this one huddling to stay out of the snow on a Russian winter’s day.

There were several of the two doors in town back in the early days of CC, with this fine example being the last one that I used to see, a daily driver of one of the employees of this lumber yard. We wrote up this generation here, as part of our complete CC Colt Chronicles. These were sold in the US as Dodge Colts, Plymouth Champs and Colts, and as the Mitsubishi Mirage in Japan and certain export markets, as well as the Mitsubishi Colt.

In addition to the crisp styling, with a bit of Pacer influence, their 4+2 Twin Stick transmission was another defining characteristic, a way to get an overdrive top gear without creating  a proper 5 speed transmission.