Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: 1973 Ford LTD Landau and 1973 Galaxie 500 – Brazilian Style

It’s time to head back to that alter automotive universe of South America, and check out a couple of big Ford LTDs that Alberto Simon posted. First up is a ’73 LTD Landau, which was Brazil’s most luxurious domestic sedan, on the level of a Lincoln. Obviously it started life as a 1966 American Ford, whose body dies were conveniently shipped to Brazil for its first year there, 1969. It was just the LTD then, but in 1971, the Landau version appeared, and it received some interesting make-up over the years to distinguish it as such.

The rear end was modified to look a bit more like the 1969 US big Ford’s tail. And the rear window was reduced in size to give it that exclusive look, along with the standard vinyl top and of course, the landau bars.

At first I thought the two panels flanking the grille were askew, but it’s an optical illusion, due to them being angled back from their outside ends. The picture at the top makes that a bit clearer. At least I hope so.

I guess I’m not the only one a bit…ah…surprised by the Landau’s rather unique front end styling.

The other car, a plain old LTD  Galaxie 500 is dated as a 1973 by Alberto, so I’ll take his word for it. It clearly shares the same pointed hood with the Landau, but has a plainer grille.

Similar rear end styling.

And the wagon behind it is a vintage Ford too, a Del Rey. Now that has an even odder history, since it started out life as a Renault 12. We covered its curious story here, but to make a long story short, it’s an evolution of the Ford Corcel, which had been started on by Willys (Brazil) as essentially a rebodied R12 but appeared in 1967 as a Ford, after the Willys ops were bought by them. It had a long life, and was replaced by the Del Rey in 1981, still on the R12 underpinnings, and was built until 1991.

The Landau soldiered along until 1983, with some face lifts along the way. By that time, even alcohol-burning versions couldn’t save it, as it was just too big and thirsty.

More on the Landau and LTD here.