Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: Ami Strassenkreuzer

The German term strassenkreuzer left a deep impression on me as a little kid in Austria. “Street/highway cruiser” is technically the direct translation, although “freeway cruiser” is what it implies. Why weren’t they called autobahnkreuzer? That would have conveyed the meaning better.

And what did that word convey? Big American cars, so eminently suitable for cruising and not hurrying or racing. Germans have a deep affinity for big American cars, and so many of them end up there. xiao car posted a raft of pictures from a car show, almost all of them American. But this little quintet of strassenkreuzer set against that backdrop that is so quintessentially rural German deserved to make it to the pages of CC.

Well, that and one more…

This 1960 Buick Electra convertible. That’s about as strassenkreuzer as it gets.

If you read the vintage feature on the design process of the 1977 Chevrolet coming up a bit later today, GM VP of Design Bill Mitchell had some choice words for these big Marks.

Here’s that snippet. Ouch. But right on the mark.

Was Mitchell’s Eldorado any better? Ouch, again.

Enough of that; let’s just step back and enjoy these cars. And that woman is wearing a dress that reminds my of one my sister had in 1959. Very appropriate.