Vintage Renderings: 1942 Mercurys And Military Airplanes

Let’s keep the car-and-airplanes theme going a bit longer. Here’s three fine renderings of 1942 Mercurys with airplanes from the three main branches of the armed forces. This woodie wagon is posed in front of an Army transport plane, which looks more like it was made up, as it’s not a C-47. Or am I missing something? And there’s a brand new Jeep in the background.

Here’s a Navy theme. I don’t have time to try to determine if this amphibious plane is an accurate rendering of a real one; I’ll leave that to you.

And here’s the convertible with fighters. I’ll leave those to you too; it’s getting late here.

But in any case, the Mercurys (yes, that’s how the plural of proper nouns ending in “s” is spelled) look a lot closer to real live than The Armstron-Siddeley Hurricane did the other day.