Curtis Perry Outtakes: More Goodies from Curtis

Curtis Perry, one of my favorite Cohort posters, has posted some more of his pics there. Curtis, and Ralf K., if you’re reading this, I once again invite you to post your shots directly at CC. They don’t have to have any commentary, except perhaps just to identify them, and maybe where you shot them. I know you both have a number of great shots at the Cohort that I haven’t yet gotten to, and maybe never will. So here’s my invitation. And that applies to some of you other Cohort poster.

First up is this Jeep Wagoneer.

I’m not going to try to decipher its exact vintage right now; I’ll leave that to someone else.


A big Lincoln is always worth a look.


As is a Task Force vintage GMC pickup, obviously still at work.


Wouldn’t you like to have this Valiant sitting out front?


More so than this Volvo 262C Bertone coupe. Well, it has become something of a rarity, and it’s got camp factor, but as a tall person, it just doesn’t appeal.