CC Outtake: World’s Longest Class C Motorhome

I did a double take when I first saw this monstrosity. Whoa! That thing is endless! And what a rear overhang. It would be mighty easy to drag that on a slightly steep apron or such. I had to pull over and peel off a few shots. And I quickly suspected it wasn’t a factory built rig.

Class C motorhomes use a van front end, with often an lengthened frame or chassis. They rarely have dual rear axles.


Of course I had to check out how the set up worked on this. but given how low it sits, thta was not easy. The forward rear axle is the standard driven one, with the stock semi-elliptic leaf springs.


The undriven tag axle was harder to decipher. Yes, it looks like it’s solidly attached to the frame. But in actuality, there’s a slot in the frame right above it, hidden by that brake drum, that allows it to move up. But as to what acts as a spring, I couldn’t figure out. It’s an odd-ball. And from the welds and such, I’m pretty convinced it is a home-brew job.


Hey, it’s for sale too. You could own the world’s longest Class C motorhome! Just make sure your driveway is plenty long.

Looking at how the windows are placed, now I’m 100% sure it’s home-brew. Somebody wanted the longest of its kind. And they got it. And now they want to get rid of it.