Curtis Perry Outtakes: Night Time – Chevy Pickup, ’64 Valiant and ’70 Cutlass

Ace photographer Curtis Perry is back with a few night time shots that really do the cars justice. First up is this always-handsome “Task Force” pickup from ’55-’56. These have always been one of my favorite trucks, thanks to the clean eggcrate grill and all the other usual attractions of pickups from this vintage.

This is the typical and most common configuration from the time: short stepside bed, 1/2 ton nominal rating, and most likely, the six cylinder and three-on-the-tree. Hard to top.

This shot of a ’64 Valiant 200 2-door sedan is evocative. And a nice follow-up to our gen1 Valiant fest here lately.

The view from the rear. These compacts from that era are starting to look so small compared to the tall compact CUVs these days.

And a genuine hot rod ’70 Cutlass.