CC Global: 2004 Peugeot Partner 170C 2.0 HDi – The Handyman’s Panel Van

In 1996 PSA’s Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo were the first compact monospace panel vans on the market. Prior to their introduction, vans in this segment were hatchback models with a tall cargobox. The first competitor that followed PSA was Renault with their 1997 Kangoo.

This 2004 Peugeot Partner is a fine representative of the first generation’s 2002-2008 Phase 2. It’s powered by a turbocharged 1,997 cc 4-cylinder diesel engine with common rail injection; maximum power output 90 hp, maximum torque 205 Nm (151 ft-lb) @ 1,900 rpm. With an intercooler the same engine was good for 109 hp.

Here’s the driver’s compartment of an identical Peugeot Partner panel van, which is fully separated from the cargo compartment by a partition.

You want to transport your expensive tools or other cargo and protect them against all elements? Then this Peugeot is your partner. This van segment is highly popular in both urban and rural areas throughout Europe, its drivers represent a wide range of professions; from repairmen, contractors, plumbers and house painters to flower- and meal delivery services.

The registered payload capacity is 604 kg (1,332 lbs) at a GVM of 1,790 kg (3,946 lbs). Inevitably it has a trailer hitch too, good for another 1,100 kg (2,425 lbs) to be hauled around.

Right from the start in 1996 both the FWD Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo were also offered as LAVs. Or Mini MPVs, if you wish. All fine with me.

And who else but Dangel was -and still is- entitled to build a 4×4 version…

The completely new second generation was introduced in 2008, bigger and heavier than before. The current Phase 3 model, as pictured above, was introduced in 2015. I wonder when the PSA camionnettes hit the road wearing the Opel Blitz.