Ralf K Outtakes: Found in Everett, WA.


As mentioned earlier today, Ralf K has uploaded some new finds in Everett, Washington. First up is this Cordoba, which doesn’t look too far gone, but sporting terrible wheel covers. Ugh. The Ford F-1 panel van behind it has been working on its sun tan for quite awhile.

A Dart that’s lost its wig.


Great color for this big Lincoln.


Fine old T1 VW pickup.


A ’66 T-Bird with a sign of the times. Eugene now has 54 recreational/medical cannabis dispensaries, with 14 more in the works. I guess they want to make sure everyone can walk to one.


The final shot is of this fine classic ’55 Ford “Vicky” Crown Victoria, which has become almost as iconic as a tri-five Chevy Bel Air coupe.