Neighborhood Outtake: 1992 Volvo 240 GL – One Of So Many

In my recent flurry of shooting cars in my neighborhood, I decided to stop after the first Volvo 240, as there a good number of them; more than I realized once I started looking. It’s amazing how well kept some of them are still, given that the very youngest ones are now at least 25 years old. But they age gracefully, with a bit of care.

This is a 1992, thanks to running a Carfax on its license plate. So it’s a relative youngster, given its very long production life of twenty years. But it looks like it could five years old. Most of the ones running around town are a bit more age-weary, although I have noticed a trend towards a stratification among them: very nice ones in the hands of hard-core loyalists, and increasingly ratty ones owned typically by young folks. I suspect the hard-core 240 loyalists are on the hunt for nice ones, so they can keep 240-ing for decades to come. I won’t be surprised to still see some 20 years or more form now.