Reader Find: 1975 Or 1976 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban – Is There A Way To Tell Which Year It Is?

CC Reader Sam B. sent me this single shot of a 1975 or 1976 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban wagon. It’s a terrific find, and it’s been way too long since I’ve seen one of these. A quick refresher: in 1975, Plymouth changed the name of its 117″ wb mid-size Satellite to Fury, with the full/mega-size 122/124″ wb body getting the Gran Fury moniker. This was an acknowledgement that the big cars were essentially moribund, and would be gone after 1976, and return in 1978 as the 118.5″ wb R-Body Gran Fury. Our full CC on the 1975 Fury is here.

I had to peruse 1975 and 1976 Plymouth brochures to remind myself that those two years appear to be identical, as I can’t see any difference in their grille textures or other external signs. Does anyone else know how to tell them apart?