CC Follow Up: The Ugly American Is Now A True Hipster

IMG_0602 1200

I’ve been following this car’s changing locations since I first shot about three and a half years ago. In its CC, I called it “The Hip Ugly American”, because I knew its young owners bought it for its hipness, and not its other qualities. But in my most recent encounter with it, it’s now gone full-bore hipster, inside and out.

IMG_0603 1200

Let’s check out the exterior remodeling first. I’m guessing the “face” on the hood has some connotation, but I’m not hip enough to know.

IMG_0604 1200

Here’s where things really get hip: there’s nothing hipper than bamboo anything, especially rear window surrounds.

IMG_0605 1200

More bamboo on the doors, and genuine burlap coffee bean bags for seat covers. And the dash has gone purple. I’m sure I missed some other touches too.

IMG_0601 1200

Well, it does have hips, so I guess it was bound to become a genuine hipster, sooner or later.


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