eBay Find: Nissan 240SX – See? There Was One


Last time I found an unmolested tuner car, someone in the commentariat mentioned that something that would be even harder to find stock would be a Nissan 240SX. Challenge. Accepted.

Yes folks, some of the Americanized S13 Nissan Silvias haven’t been converted into F&F replicas or wannabe drifter cars or actual drifter cars. I’ll be writing more about how these movies basically killed this generation of cars later this week. but in the meantime we still have this, just a cheap to run, economical and fun to drive rear-wheel drive car that will run until the sun goes cold with little fuzz. The same qualities that make it so desirable to the import tuner crowd also mean that when you do find one that isn’t burdened by the horrendous drifter tax you can get a very nice daily driver that doesn’t need to be horrendously dull, even if it is painted dishwasher white.


This 1991 model has 157,627 miles, those weird always-on seatbelt, a sunroof and had one previous owner. There’s not a lot of info besides that. Still, the body seems to be in quite good nick for something that has been pootling around New Jersey since Bush Sr. was still in office. And the interior is also in excellent condition. Good marks all round and it’s all once again for a one reason.


Yup, the automatic transmission once again saving a car from a life of tacky neon underglows and an interior only the finest minds at Autozone customer service can come up with. I’ll admit that a 4 speed auto in a car like this is not precisely a marriage made in heaven but it’s still a car that will add some joie de vivre to a dull commute. Priced at $4200 O.B.O, it’s also drift tax exempt, although this could be a bit of a problem since it means that it’s gathering a lot of attention from cash strapped aspiring Ken Blocks ready to snap it and then start ripping things off the poor thing. Anyone up for a rescue?