CC For Sale: 1980 Fiat Brava (131) With 559,355 Miles – The Original Engine Is Smoking Though

Fiat 1980 Brava

Somebody (Constant Reader) heard me thinking about this high mileage Fiat, as just the other day I was wondering whether it was still racking up the miles for owner Gil Cormaci. His goal was to make it to 600k miles, but the Fiat’s engine has finally succumbed, despite all the babying it’s gotten over the years. He’s decided 559k miles was close enough, so if you’re looking for a Fiat 131 Brava project car, here’s your big moment.

Fiat 1980 brava f

I’ve covered this car twice, back over at the other site, and here.  And as I said, I was thinking about a couple of days ago. And today, Constant Reader sends me the link to the ebay listing. A variation of the CC effect. The bidding is up to $560, but there’s still three days left, so who knows how high the world’s highest mileage Fiat Brava will go.

Here’s the ad copy:

I am the original owner of this 1980 FIAT Brava. It now has 559,355 miles and has been sitting for the past year. It needs piston rings (blow-by with some tailpipe smoke), the a/c is not operating, the sunroof leaks, splits in the vinyl seats (some stitching gone), tires (185/70-13) have flat spots from sitting, original brown paint still shines when buffed out, however, surface rust on roof, hood and rear trunk, rust on pass. side rear window area and bottom of driver door needs patching, windshield trim needs resealing, and the battery is weak.

Certainly honest enough.