CC For Sale: This 1984 Lincoln Town Car Is Going Begging For $700 – I’m Going To Pass

CC 231 141 1200

We’ve been walking past this boxadelic Town Car for a few years now, on our most common route into the big city center. I’ve never given it a second glance, as there are all-too many of these littered on the streets hereabouts. The crappy plastic WalMart hubcaps haven’t exactly done much to persuade me to actually stop and shoot it. But then a For Sale signed appeared.

CC 231 149 1200

It looks fundamentally pretty sound, at least the body; although the front turn signals seem to have gone missing.  Although that does rather add a bit of “interest” to the front end. If you’re going to be stylistically busy and fussy, why not a bit more so?

CC 231 145 1200

The interior doesn’t look too bad either; actually, pretty decent. Just needs a bit of cleaning, and you’ll be riding in style. And listening to period-correct music from that 8-track player. I’m sure the owner will throw in the tapes. Zooming in on two of those tapes reveals the musical tastes of the current owner: “Grateful Dead – The Best Of”, and “Eric Clapton and the Yard Birds”. Maybe not so period-correct after all. Actually, I’m a bit surprised about the 8 track; I though it was pretty much gone by 1984 or sooner. The last 8 track release was “Fleetwood macs Greatest Hits” in late 1988. Maybe that’s the third tape I can’t make out.

CC 231 147 1200

This is the place to be in one of these; these are not exactly a driver’s car. One needs a chauffeur to make the Town Car experience complete. And after spending a mere $700 for the car, you’ll be able to afford one. How much is a chauffeur these days anyway? Wouldn’t having one be quite the snob status symbol? Forget that; it would just be practical; think of all the work you could get done.I bet one could find a nice retired person for pretty cheap, until self-driving cars come along. Think they’ll make after-market self-drive kits, like cruise control?

CC 231 144 1200

What kind of shape is it in mechanically? Beats me. I do know that it was sitting on the other side of the street quite recently, so it appears to run. At least across the street.

CC 231 142 1200

You’ll have to call the seller and get more details yourself. And why am I passing on it? With the CC Heartland Meet-Up coming up, I do need an appropriate set of wheels to point Eastward, but I’ve found something a bit more my style. Stay tuned…

CC 231 143 1200

Hint: it’s green.