CC For Sale: 1976 Maverick – $4,555; One Owner, and Loaded, Right Down To The Bumpers – Your Time Machine To The Seventies Awaits

Been hankering for a time capsule to that splendiferous decade of the seventies? What better vehicle to relive it in than this sublime ’76 Maverick. It’s got a battering ram in case the worm hole back in time is a bit constricted. But the trip  might take a wee bit of time, as its 302 V8 has all of 134 hp to fight against Einstein’s fairly solid theories. But it will prevail, in the end.

This one even features a rather rare partial vinyl roof. Maybe not so much rare as rarefied. And two tone paint to match. And the full wheel covers. This was a heavily optioned car; quite the change from the strippers advertised for $1995 back in 1970.

This one can be yours, for $4555. And since this was posted by canadiancatgreen at the Cohort, it’s only $3622 in greenbacks. Or 0.060 bitcoin, if you had the foresight to pick some up back when they were dirt cheap.