Vintage For Sale Ad: “Mercedes Benz Bullet Proof Car, Lately Owned by Hermann Goering” – Actually This Was One Of Hitler’s Mercedes (Or Not)

I guess the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association had gotten as much money out of exhibiting what they thought was Hermann Goering’s Grosser Mercedes as they were going to in 1952, and were ready to pass it on. But its provenance is misleading, as Goering’s beloved blue 540K Cabriolet was a two door, not this monster. They might have gotten more money if it was advertised as such. (Update: it appears this car was made for Goering in 1944)

Here’s Hermann in his 540K on his wedding day.

There’s pictures of what is alleged to be Goering’s 540K having been seized by the Allies. But that’s not the same car; this is a “Special Roadster”. Perhaps he had more than one; quite likely, actually.

Sure enough. Here’s a picture of him with it, perhaps taken when it was first presented to him, or maybe not. In 2014, eBay refused to take a listing for the car, calling it “too offensive”. The original owner, certainly. Too bad such a gorgeous car was sullied by his backside in it.

Hitler had several “Grosser” 770 parade cars at his disposal. Most look older, but this one looks like it may well be the one in the ad. One can see the sidemount bracket in the ad, although the wheel is missing. But I make no guarantees of its provenance except that it was undoubtedly used by a paranoid extremely high-ranking Nazi.