CC For Sale: 1991 Saturn SC Coupe – Still Pining For A “New” Saturn? It’s Only Got 678 Miles! A Steal At $12,950

CC Reader Dino S. sent me the link to this Craigslist ad for what is essentially a showroom new 1991 Saturn SC coupe. It’s got 678 original miles. And it’s priced like it was still new too: $12,950. Well, its list price in 1991 was $11,775, but if you adjust that for inflation, that would be $26,000 in 2022 dollars. So this is…a steal, for half the price.

Here’s the proof.

Still not convinced?

There’s folks who miss their Saturns. Here’s the solution; who says you can’t go back in time?


Craigslist Santa Ana ad