CC For Sale: 1992 Customized Nissan Sentra – Here’s Your Chance To Own A Little Bit Of Eugene For $500

Over the years here I’ve shown you lots of Eugene-style customized cars. Many were just painted, others went quite a bit further. I need to do a gallery of them all one of these days. And now you can own one of Eugene’s rolling art works, this Sentra that lives just a few blocks from my house. I’ll be sorry to see it go, it always cheered me up when I drove by, but just think how impressed your neighbors will be when this is sitting in front of your house. Folks will drive great distances to see it once the word is out.

And what a steal! Only $500!

Let’s do a little walk-around and check it out. This front fender has been adorned with the residual materials of a Saturday night drinking session. Maybe they were under the influence when they riveted these on?

A nice, big Japanese style rear view mirror on the front of the fender. To better keep an eye on the side exhaust?

I’m thinking that key parts of the hood ornament might have broken off. I wonder what it was? Good luck trying to guess. You should be able to knock 25 or 50 bucks off the asking price for this serious damage.

These should keep folks from sitting on your hood quite effectively. But you might want to avoid automatic car washes.

The back seat is missing, but that’s not really much of an issue. Colin Chapman would approve.

Hey, the driver side door card/trim is still on! That’s a bit of a no-no for a genuine Eugene-mobile; I’d demand another fifty bucks off for that.

A lot of fine handwork went into all of those stickers or such on the back valance panel.

Here’s a view of the driver’s side.

A better shot of the artwork there.

And I’ve saved the best for last: a genuine side exhaust, in semi-Bosozoku style.

Hurry! This just went up for sale in the last day or two, and once word gets out, there will be folks flying in from all over the world, especially from Tokyo.